Your Resin Reprocessing Problems Solved! Resin Recycling, Tolling, and Reprocessing Services Purchasing of Industrial Thermoplastic Resin Waste Selling of Reprocessed and Recycled Resin Shipping Service Recycling and Collection Services Call 402-470-0007 Your semi-trailer, container, or partial load shipment of resin scrap waste is identified, unloaded, and weighed by our receiving department.   When your load of resin scrap has been readied for reprocessing, our experienced reprocessing personnel wash, cut, chip, grind, sift, re-package, and re-weigh the resin scrap. Your resin scrap will determine which chippers, grinders, sifters, and secondary equipment are required for each reprocessing stage.  Once your scrap waste has been properly reprocessed to clean, reliable thermoplastic resin, our shipping department will ship the reprocessed resin back to you; completing the recycling process and saving you time and money. Central States Reprocessing, LLC     4121 NW 37th St     Lincoln NE     68524     402-470-0007 Maury
Central States Reprocessing


Note:  CSR reprocesses PVC and HDPE. Call 402-470-0007